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Our Approach

Welcome to Psychcicle LLC! We provide psychotherapy for couples and individuals experiencing a variety of issues including sex therapy from the privacy of your own home. We use techniques from evidenced based practices such as cognitive behavioral therapy, emotion focused therapy, narrative therapy, internal family systems, etc. all while maintaining a systemic approach. We focus on the relationships clients have to others, how those relationships impact the issues they are experiencing (i.e. what psychological issues are present), and what patterns of behavior may be keeping the issue going (i.e. what cycle exists). 

You may have noticed the play on words there (psych+cycle). Throughout our education and career we noticed a common theme among psychological theories, evidenced based practices (i.e. research backed therapeutic techniques), and client experience: there is always an underlying pattern. From cognitive behavioral therapy's decree that cognition's, emotions, and behaviors are all interrelated and mutually influencing to emotion focused therapy's proclamation of the metaphorical "dance" couples find themselves in, people seem to inevitably find themselves in patterns of behaviors or interacting that they  are unable to get out of (or don't know exist). When these patterns are healthy (e.g. always talking with your partner before making big decisions) then people tend to be fine with them, but when they're not (e.g. generational curses) people can become distressed. We here at Psychcicle believe that searching for these negative patterns, exploring how they came to be, and identifying how they can be replaced with a more positive pattern is pertinent to therapeutic success. Because while every pattern has it's purpose, some are meant to be broken.

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