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Sex Therapy

I know what you're thinking and to be clear: we don't do that. Sex therapy is psychotherapy (i.e. talk therapy) that is specifically geared towards helping people with issues surrounding sexual feelings and intimacy, sexual functioning, and sexual beliefs/experiences. Sex therapy can be provided for an individual, a couple, or even families (think gearing up for the dreaded "talk"). Check out below for a quick snapshot of the multitude of sexual difficulties we address here at Psychcicle.

therapist marriage counseling

  • Inability to/difficulty having an orgasm

  • Desire differences between partners

  • Painful Sex

  • Arousal difficulties

  • Sexual Orientation Concerns

  • Sexual Trauma/Ambiguous Consent

  • Life events impacting sexual functioning (ie pregnancy, age, illness, or injury)

  • Inexperience/Anxiety

  • BDSM/Kink Difficulties

  • Concerning sexual thoughts/fetishes Sex

sex therapy
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