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Group Therapy

Group therapy is when several people come together to participate in therapy for a shared reason and the session itself is conducted by a therapist knowledgeable in that area. Why talk with strangers? We know therapy with a group of people can seem...uncomfortable but group therapy has a lot of benefits. Group therapy is more affordable than other forms of therapy, offers a camaraderie/ validation in your experience, accountability from peers, and a shorter commitment. There are several types of groups but here at Psychcicle we offer two types: Processing groups and  Directed Groups. Processing groups are meant for just that: processing day to day experiences and the emotions/ behaviors that arise from them.


Processing groups are ongoing and you can drop in for one session or become regular. Though a therapist is there conducting the group, processing groups are a lot less structured than directed groups as they have an overarching topic but each group is unique and often driven by the difficulties presented by the clients that attended that day.

Direct groups only run for a month at a time (4 sessions with 1 session per week) and once they have begun you cannot join until a new group begins the following month. This is because directed groups are structed and the therapist is actually teaching everyone a specific thing about a specific topic. Each day of the group tackles a new thing about the specific topic, and by the end you should be more knowledgeable about the topic and how to apply it to/how it impacts your life.

Adulting: The Group

Therapist: Kaiyan Griffith, MFT

Fee: $25/hour       Type: Processing

Age Group: College to early 30s

Schedule: 2nd Monday of every month at 7pm 


This support group is for folks in their 20s to early 30s who are trying to navigate adulting. There are all types of difficulties going on in the world and settling into adulthood has not become any easier. If your family didn’t teach you, then there are many aspects of adulting folks have little to no clue about. In this group, we will process what it is like to be an adult and support one another through that journey.


Book Club

Therapist: Zemi Moore, LMFT

Fee: $25/hour          Type: Processing

Age Group: 18+

Schedule: 4th Thursday of every month at 7pm 

Did you love the book of the month? Did reading it resonate with you? Join the Book Club group! You'll have the space to process the book in a safe space and talk amongst people with similar experiences. 



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