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Couples Therapy

Couples/Marriage therapy is for individuals in an intimate relationship. Psychcicle LLC recognizes that relationships are diverse and can be couples, triads, quads, (oh my!). Whatever your relationship is, we'd be happy to help with any of the issues below (and more):

  • Affairs

  • Frequent Arguments

  • Divorce counseling

  • Premarital Counseling

  • Feeling misunderstood by your partner

  • Navigating "situationships"

  • Mental health effecting the relationship

  • Family/Friends issues with partner


Not sure if you need the whole shabang but want some relationship insight? Try our Prepare-Enrich Program! It includes 4 therapy sessions for $400 (that's a $105 savings!) and comes with your own Couples report detailing you and your partners strength and growth areas across 12 different areas. Each session is tailored to highlight strengths and explore growth areas and homework is provided to deepen understanding in between sessions. If this sounds like something you're interested in, book with our Prepare-Enrich Facilitator Zemi Moore below!

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