Your friendly neighborhood teletherapy practice.

One-on-one therapy from the privacy of your own home.


Also known as marriage counseling, couples therapy provides assistance for partners of any kind with their relationship.


Sex therapy is individualized or coupled therapy that focuses on assisting clients with sexual issues. 


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Our Approach

Have you ever heard the phrase no man's an island? We believe this saying perfectly illustrates our systemic approach to assisting clients. While the term systemic may seem foreign to you, it's simply psychological jargon for a group of people connected in some way (e.g. family, community, colleagues at work, etc). We focus on the relationships clients have to others, how those relationships impact the issues they are experiencing (i.e. what psychological issues are present), and what patterns of behavior may be keeping the issue going (i.e. what cycle exists). Click below to really delve into the Psychcicle approach.

Our Team

Hello and welcome to Psychcicle LLC! We're a group of marriage and family therapists with various specialties from working with transgender teens to adult orgasmic difficulties. Choosing the right therapist is the first step in working through the issues you're facing so click below and get to know us!