Some cycles are meant to be broken.



One-on-one therapy from the privacy of your own home.


Intimate Relationship

Also known as couples or marriage counseling, intimate relationship therapy provides assistance for partners of any kind with their relationship.



Sex therapy is individualized or coupled therapy that focuses on assisting clients with sexual issues. 



If therapy is new to you and these choices seem overwhelming, sign up for a free 15 minute consultation. We'll tell you all about the practice, prices, services, and staff.

My Approach

Have you ever heard the phrase no man's an island? I often use this saying to illustrate my systemic approach to assisting clients. While the term systemic may seem foreign to you, it's simply psychological jargon for a group of people connected in some way (e.g. family, community, colleagues at work, etc). I focus on the relationships clients have to others, how those relationships impact the issues they are experiencing (i.e. what psychological issues are present), and what patterns of behavior may be keeping the issue going (i.e. what cycle exists). Click below to really delve into the Psychcicle approach.

About Me

Hello and welcome to Psychcicle LLC! My name is Zemi Moore and I'm a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I've been in various different areas of the mental health field since 2010 and use all the knowledge I've gained to better assist my clients. Therapy is a collaborative effort, so get to know more about me by clicking below!

Phone: 610. 708.3698

Pennsylvania, USA

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Hours of Operation

Monday-Wednesday: 1pm-8pm

Sunday & Thursday: 10-6pm